Inn Keeper, Quest Giver and Adoptive Mother Figure of Ardyn


Kakariko’s Inn Owner


Telma is a loud, free-spirited woman who lives as the Inn Keeper of Kakariko’s main in. She seems to know everything about everyone. Or at least that’s what she’d lead you to believe.

Caring and Fair, Telma usually uses a barter system for her guests at the Inn if they don’t have the money to pay for the night they can always offer their skills or trade to the Inn Keep to make up for it.

She also has a flirtatious and bawdy personality, and it is implied that she is romantically attracted to Renado. The members of the Resistance, committed to restoring Hyrule to its original glory, meet at Telma’s Bar for their meetings.

She was the one that took care of Ardyn when she woke up without memories and seems to be very close to the young ranger.


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